Custom Clothing Labels, Tags and Packaging

At MAB CUSTOM CLOTHING MANUFACTURER, you have the possibility to create your own custom clothing labels, tags,
packaging and garment accessories to elevate your designs.

Various label customizations

There are numerous advantages to using custom labels for your clothing brand! A significant issue is brand recognition. Think about what you’ll be using the labels for, where and how they’ll be connected, and what other materials you might need when choosing custom woven apparel labels for your brand.

Because a personalized logo design significantly increases brand awareness and gives products a professional appearance, labels are essential for textile businesses. Your products will stand out with our fabric labels. When strategically placed and color-matched to your product, your textile labels are the perfect finishing touch. Why not include a personalised sticker with the recipient’s name or a text message if you are an inventive genius when it comes to making gifts for friends and family? Fabric labels are unquestionably a better option for regular self-adhesive paper labels because they are more long-lasting, durable, and of higher quality.

What are my options?

Think about the products that are best suited to your brand when selecting your order. To make your clothing labels easier to read, you might need to iron them. Alternately, you might want to sew clothing tags with a sophisticated look. That’s the beauty of clothing labels that you can tailor to your specific requirements. Remember that a combination of clothing labels is often used to produce the desired effect.ust

Frequently Used Clothing Labels

Hand Tags

Clothing Wash Lable

Clothing Size Label

Clothing Neck Label

How To Custom Labels For Your Brand

Our branded clients can easily take advantage of all of our custom labels because we provide them with custom labels in very low order quantities. This means that you can make the labels you need, no matter how big your business is. Follow these simple steps to create your own personalized clothing labels and place an order for them:

COLOR: First select size of your labels and then select the background color for them.

LABEL: Here you can pick the Pure Color choice. If you choose the pure color option, a second color thread will be added to the background to strengthen the color and prevent the text color from “bleeding through.”

You have the option of having your labels ironed on or sewed on.

TEXT: You can enter text on up to three lines. Make adjustments to the font and text size. Additionally, you can justify your text to the center, left, or right. Select the text color next.

FRAME: If you want, we can add a frame to your design!

The Symbol: Create the ideal design by selecting from hundreds of symbols.